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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows you to scan text and convert it into an editable document. When you scan a document, you get only one image file, and most computer programs cannot recognize letters. This way you cannot edit the text, browse it, change or edit the formatting in a word processor.

How does it help you recognize letters and convert them into an electronic document? You don’t need to include much advanced computer science in the OCR process, but Gleematic, which allows you to easily convert images into automated data extraction.

The OCR software looks…

The International Chamber of Shipping estimates that the logistics industry is responsible for transporting more than 90% of world trade. Logistics affects every other industry in one way or another, and it is one of the most important industries in the world.

In the face of escalating cost pressures and increasing customer requirements, logistics companies and related companies are focusing on digital transformation. They can become more intelligent with the help of cognitive automation, work — intensive tasks. This can help to develop better customer service, faster delivery times and more cost-effective processes

Case for Logistics

Gleematic can handle documents in logistics industry…

Extracting Data From Passports With A.I (No Coding!)

Do you need to extract data manually from passports for your work processes? This is time consuming and prone to human errors. Imagine being able to do it 3–5 times faster while also saving costs. Try using Gleematic!

Gleematic is an cognitive automation software that combines artificial intelligence (A.I) with robotic process automation (RPA) to extract data. Gleematic can extract data from passport by using optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning. Gleematic can recognize key-information of a person on a passport and extract it all into a spreadsheet or even enter into a system.

By using Gleematic, the extraction…

Intelligent Document Extraction for Finance and Accounting Department We all know that..

The most difficult part of data extraction is that documents (e.g. supplier invoices) have different formats. Each department uses different types of documents to process documents in the email inboxes of the Finance and Legal departments. Those of you in the back office who spent hours sifting through documents and extracting data know how slow and laborious this work can be. The data is in paper form, which makes the whole process inefficient.


With the help of Intelligent Data Extraction technology, we can now automate this repetitive…

OCR and Intelligent Data Extraction Guide for Beginners

Have you ever thought about what a robot could do if it had to extract thousands of documents every day? How do you imagine software robots that help people automate operational activities?

Let’s see how OCR and intelligent document extraction can increase operational efficiency.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology has been developed to transform images and text into digital data that can be read by machines using machine learning. …

Facilitating a Safe Workplace During COVID-19 with Cognitive Automation

Welcome to the year 2021, where we embark the new beginning with hopes that this year could be a much better year than the previous — especially after what we have gone through in 2020. The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) arose in the beginning of 2020 and its presence has been affecting most of our life aspects in a disruptive manner, especially how it disrupts not just the overall business operations and opportunities, but as well as the working environment. …

Gleematic — Watermarked Document Extraction

Extracting data might be difficult if there is watermark on the document, it makes it harder to see the data. Taking time to manually extract the data is time consuming, and might be prone to errors. Let Gleematic help you!

Gleematic is a solution to this issue as it has Denoise Images and OCR functions which allow Gleematic to extract data even from a watermarked document. This will be very useful for any process that involves document extraction and can be applied in any department within any business sector.

Gleematic is a cognitive automation software which combines robotic process automation…

Gleematic Invoice Extraction — Finance Automation

Processing documents, especially invoices, is the most common task to perform in the finance department. Digitizing the documents by moving the data from physical papers to the system has been mostly done manually, which is so time-consuming and error-prone. The question is to do it efficiently if there are hundreds of invoices to be processed daily? With automation, you can! Try Gleematic.

Gleematic is a cognitive automation software which can extract numerous documents in minutes, with superb accuracy and no coding at all. …

Extracting Data From Receipts With A.I (No Coding!)

Extracting Data From Receipts With A.I (No Coding!)

Do you receive receipts often and have to manually extract and key in the data from them? Find it too time consuming? Easy to make mistakes? Try Gleematic! It can help you extract data 3–5 times faster with almost no errors!

By using OCR, Gleematic can ‘read’ the scanned documents (receipts). With OCR, Gleematic will transform the documents into digital data that is readable by the machine without needing machine-readable zone (MRZ). Furthermore, Gleematic can recognize key data points or purchase details like item, price, and quantity. …

According to research, about 40% of 4.2 million people employed in Civil Service mainly rely on manual processes to perform administrative tasks. These administrative tasks involve documentation activities such as storing and organizing files, proofreading legal documents, generating official letter of issuance for governmental tasks, and many other things. These activities are so time-consuming when done manually. Imagine having hundreds of incoming paper documents to handle each day, not to mention other value-added tasks a civil service must perform. The drawbacks of manual work is growing each day as administrative tasks are not only limited to handling paper documents.

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