Gleematic Bot Automates Singapore Logistics Association’s Processes — Gleematic A.I

Sponsorship for Singapore Logistics Association

There is a new staff in Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) to handle membership renewals. This new staff does not need to eat, drink, or take toilet-breaks, and can complete tasks independently at three times the speed of her colleagues. This new staff is a “ robot “ powered by robotic process automation (RPA) software with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).


We sponsored a license of Gleematic to SLA and volunteered our team’s time to create a script to automate the steps that used to be done manually. A ‘script’ is a set of instructions for the software-robot to follow, so that it can complete process on a computer.

How Gleematic helps

Gleematic robot mimics a human’s action to access SLA’s Membership Management System to find the member’s profile, download the member’s tax invoice for membership renewal, attach it in an email, type out customized message, and send out emails to respective recipients. All these can be done without needing human’s intervention.

Previously, the renewal notices were sent via the MMS but members feedback that these emails were either not received or sent to their spam mails due to conveyance from a third-party email software. Through direct emails, more members are now able to receive such emails without any hassle which saves the effort of the team to resend the emails manually.

I used to spend two weeks just to send out the membership renewal emails to our members but now that we have Gleematic, the process is done in 1 day! It is so easy to use and it completes tasks quickly and accurately. Now I can focus on more important tasks and feel less stressed! “ said the staff in-charge of sending the membership renewal emails at SLA.


With Gleematic, the whole process was automated in a snap and SLA’s staff can now focus on more important tasks at hand. As Gleematic is a no-coding software, it is easy for end-users to use. Gleematic is also flexible and it can work with any type of files or documents.

The use of software to automate manual and repetitive operational tasks and processes, such as data extraction and data entry, is one technology that organisations are increasingly embracing, according to experts.

Software robots can also help in various aspects of work in logistics companies such as order-processing, regulatory declarations, documentation/ document processing, compliance checking, monitoring, reporting, etc. “We are glad to be able to help SLA become more productive with the use of software robots. We look forward to collaborating with SLA to support its members in their automation journey too,” said Ada Lim, Marketing Director at Glee Trees.

About SLA

Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) is established since 1973. Its mission is to promote professionalism and excellence of the logistics industry. As a trade association and strong fraternity advocate, its membership of close to 600 business entities offers a diverse scope of logistics and logistics ancillary support services. SLA fulfills its objectives in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies, academia, trade associations, business partners, government agencies, international organisations and professionals.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

Originally published at on December 14, 2020.




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