Will Robots Replace Humans in Civil Service?

According to research, about 40% of 4.2 million people employed in Civil Service mainly rely on manual processes to perform administrative tasks. These administrative tasks involve documentation activities such as storing and organizing files, proofreading legal documents, generating official letter of issuance for governmental tasks, and many other things. These activities are so time-consuming when done manually. Imagine having hundreds of incoming paper documents to handle each day, not to mention other value-added tasks a civil service must perform. The drawbacks of manual work is growing each day as administrative tasks are not only limited to handling paper documents.

Finding a solution

Automating business processes (Robotic Process Automation) with Artificial Intelligence, or currently known as Cognitive Automation or Intelligent Automation now becomes the solution people are trying to implement to aid them, to free them from mundane and time-consuming tasks.

But the question is, how can Cognitive Automation or Intelligent Automation help, especially in civil service sector where manual processing still dominates?

Why Cognitive Automation?

A.I. Natural Language Processing or more known as text-analytic capability, allows the bot to intelligently understand and interpret human natural languages.

A.I. Image Recognition is more like “computer vision” that enables the bot to understand human faces, objects, images that can be useful for security authentication, human identification, or monitoring defective objects for quality assurance. These embedded A.I. help the bot become intelligent so that it can accurately help humans to finish the tedious and mundane tasks that usually overwhelm them.

How Can it Help Us?

Data Input

Data analytic and calculation


Moreover, the intelligent bot is enhanced with A.I. Natural Language Processing that allows the bot to understand how to archive, sort, and classify documents based on categories and placed them under respective folders.

Generating report or governmental letter of issuance

Human identification and authentication

What Are The Benefits?

Save and reduce cost

Unmatched speed

Superb accuracy

Utmost satisfaction

Will Robots Replace Human Staff?

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Written by: Kezia Nadira