Will Robots Replace Humans in Civil Service?

Finding a solution

Why Cognitive Automation?

How Can it Help Us?

Data Input

Data analytic and calculation


Generating report or governmental letter of issuance

Human identification and authentication

What Are The Benefits?

Save and reduce cost

  • Lower price to hire the intelligent bot with higher accuracy and unmatched speed compared to hiring human staff.

Unmatched speed

  • The intelligent bot works 3–5x faster than a human. This will lead to an improved productivity and efficiency.

Superb accuracy

  • The intelligent bot is almost 100% accurate, free yourself from errors. You no longer need to worry about human errors.

Utmost satisfaction

  • Improved productivity and efficiency. Reduced cost. Superb accuracy. Easy to deploy and implement. These benefits will bring the implementer an utmost satisfaction.

Will Robots Replace Human Staff?

How To Pick The Right Vendor?



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